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BOLI02Sunday October 11, 2009
Man v. Food
TV host Adam Richman and his crew from Travel Channel visit Stuff Yer Face

Host Adam arrives with his crew at Stuff Yer Face
ready to taste the famous stromboli
Inside, Adam is welcomed by
owner Bill and General Manager Matt

Adam and the crew spent a few hours at Stuff Yer Face
making and eating strombolis and talking with the boli crowd.

Wait till you see what his favorite boli is!
The show aired on Wednesday December 9th on the Travel Channel
Adam’s favorite boli is now on the menu…come in and give it a try!

billmario30years Iron Chef Mario Batali
International Food & TV Personality and all around good guy

Mario Batali stops by for a boli. Seen here with owner Bill Boli.

Mario began his glorious career as a boli maker

at Stuff Yer Face while attending Rutgers!

President Jimmy Carter visits Stuff Yer Face! October 25, 1979
Stuff Yer Face was located at 43 Easton Avenue from 1977-1982
Jimmy stopped by to see what that “stromboli” thing was all about.
He was two days late to the 2nd anniversary party!
President Carter signed new laws which allowed the craft beer industry to grow.

origSYF syfjimcarter


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